TED NUGENT Could Be The NRA's Rambunctious New Charlton Heston

Rock Hard

Posted on Saturday, May 17, 2008 at 10:40:02 EST

According to Anita Chabria from, with the recent passing of Charlton Heston, the National Rifle Assn. lost its biggest media gun. But rocker TED NUGENT - the man known for once performing in a loincloth and for greeting concertgoers from the back of a bison named Chief - is prepared to fill in for the elder statesman as popular culture's most outspoken proponent of the 2nd Amendment.

In fact, he's set to debut his new song, 'I Am The NRA', this weekend at the 2008 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits convention in Louisville, KY.

An iconoclast who lives the defiant, gun-toting lifestyle he espouses, Nugent makes his home on a ranch in Crawford, Texas, is a sheriff's deputy in Michigan and carries a concealed Glock Model 20 everywhere -- even into the recording studio.

"I'm a ranching guy. I'm a hunting guy," he says. "I'm Natty Bumppo meets Daniel Boone. This is how I live. . . . I don't tremble and I don't back off. . . ."

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