ACE FREHLEY Guitar Pick Sells For $1000!

Riff Notes

Posted on Friday, April 28, 2006 at 08:16:45 EST

For the May issue of KISS Kollector magazine, editors are working on an article detailing KISS’ first ever tour of Europe, which took place in May/June of 1976. Apart from many (never before published) photos from those live shows, they’ll also show a picture of one of the guitar picks that guitarist ACE FREHLEY used during a concert in Denmark and threw into the audience. On the 1975/76 tour, KISS used signature guitar picks for the very first time. On the front of these picks, the name of either Ace, PAUL STANLEY or GENE SIMMONS is printed, while on the back the name of the manufacturer is printed, Pastore Music (except for Gene’s picks, which didn’t have Pastore on the back). Coincidentally, this week one of those exact same Ace picks (seen here) was sold on e-Bay for just over $ 1.000! Click here to view the details of the auction.