POSSESSION To Release Anneliese 7" EP In April

Hot Flashes

Posted on Thursday, February 13, 2014 at 14:22:22 EST

Iron Bonehead Productions in co-operation with Invictus Productions has set April 12th as the international release date for POSSESSION's Anneliese.

Following on from last year's critically acclaimed His Best Deceit demo, the Belgian black/death cult return with a highly anticipated 7" EP, cryptically titled Anneliese. Fans and critics worldwide thrilled to the feral, bloodlusting violence across His Best Deceit, but here on the two-song Anneliese 7", Possession boldly prove that their diabolic force extends into more haunting realms.

No less hysteric, the reined-in thrust on these two tracks pounds 'n' plods into the most fucked-up dungeon mortal ears will hear. Less a statement of "heavy metal" and more a ritual of unspeakable horror, Anneliese shows that Possession are just beginning to stoke the hellfires of immortality.

Anneliese 7" EP tracklisting:

Side A:

Side B: