RAVEN Frontman John Gallagher Featured In New Video Interview

Hot Flashes

Posted on Tuesday, February 04, 2014 at 02:30:01 EST

Shed My Skin recently caught up with RAVEN frontman John Gallagher. Check out the video interview below:

Shed my Skin: "Gallagher recalls some of the crossover acts that Raven performed with in decades past, naming the CRO-MAGS and LIFE OF AGONY, and recalling the ANTHRAX fracas with regards to their infamous attempt to trademark the X-style NYHC logo. Ultimately, he says, 'Crossover bands sounded like punk.' He continued to reflect on even earlier days when Raven would perform with punk bands, remembering when THE STRANGLERS wouldn’t let them use their PA, and how the band’s then guitarist tuned his guitar to a hummed 'A' note before hitting the stage."