VINNY APPICE On KILL DEVIL HILL - "This Was Something That Had Always Been A Dream Of Mine, To Have A Band That I Could Start With"

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Posted on Saturday, December 28, 2013 at 05:30:22 EST

Legendary drummer VINNY APPICE (KILL DEVIL HILL, HEAVEN & HELL, BLACK SABBATH) is featured in a new interview with The Rockpit. An excerpt is available below:

The Rockpit: I think it’s great that you’ve hit on something that is potentially as immense as Kill Devil Hill, it would be great to fast forward a few years and see where you’ll be.

Vinny: "I’ve had a long career, with some big bands, but none of the bands were my own. Sabbath was already established, and so was RONNIE JAMES DIO, but Dio was started from the beginning, but still he had a big name. So, this was something that had always been a dream of mine, to have a band that I could start with, and this would be fantastic if within the next couple of years we could become a little bit bigger and more successful, and was able to keep writing music and make an album. It’s a great band live too, it kicks ass!! I really love the first album, and I think the second album is even better; I’ll keep my fingers crossed."

Go to this location for the complete interview.

Vinny Appice has powered the rhythm of bands such as BLACK SABBATH, DIO, HEAVEN & HELL, OZZY OSBOURNE, WWIII, AXIS, RICK DERRINGER, and KILL DEVIL HILL. He has been drumming across the world for over two decades and has co-written songs on over 25 records; many of which are multi-platinum. He is also the author of the instructional book Rock Steady and DVD Hard Rock Drumming Techniques.

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