MICHAEL KISKE Shoots Down HELLOWEEN Reunion Rumours - "I'm Fine With Making Peace, But You Can't Undo The Past"

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Posted on Tuesday, December 17, 2013 at 02:34:57 EST

In the second part of an interview with Dead Rhetoric, UNISONIC vocalist MICHAEL KISKE discusses the rumours currently circulating about a possible reunion with his former HELLOWEEN bandmates. An excerpt is available below:

Dead Rhetoric: There’s been some talk lately of a potential reunion between you and the Helloween guys, so I wanted to get your thoughts. Any truth to these rumors?

Kiske: "No. That’s something the Helloween guys are bringing up. They have that in their head for whatever reason…I don’t know why. They have their own singer (Andi Deris). I wouldn’t do that. I’m up for peace, up for talking everything out and getting everything out of our systems. I met up with Michael Weikath a couple of weeks ago in Sweden. He was extremely nice and friendly. It was clear they have changed their mood. They’ve changed their attitude toward me."

"They really did me a lot of wrong over the years. I don’t want to pass the blame here, but they’ve accused me of doing things that they know very well are not right. They needed some stuff to convince the old fans that it’s good I’m not there anymore, and they went way too far. One of the things that I was really pissed about was this 'musical direction' talk, as if I would be the person to tell anyone what kind of music he should do! Everyone who knows me – anyone who really knows me – knows my attitude is totally different. I would always say 'Do what you believe in. Whatever song is your song, write it, go play it.' I would never be the person to tell anyone in Helloween the direction we were supposed to go. That was so ridiculous, to blame me for the things that came up. Yes, I was responsible for my own songs, but it was always something the band made work…or not."

Dead Rhetoric: I talked to Weiki in person when they were here in the States in September and we talked about Chameleon, and how the band was trying to be like QUEEN…

Kiske: "I don’t think we were a band anymore in those days. We didn’t try anything on Chameleon; there were three songwriters trying to make a solo record. We were not functioning as a band anymore. Totally dysfunctional. But about this reunion thing, I’m in Unisonic now. I don’t know how they have suddenly changed their tone and why I should be there for a reunion tour and all. Like I said: I’m fine with making peace, but you can’t undo the past. I’m a typical person. I can easily forgive, but I never forget. If someone betrays me, I tell them, 'Okay, I forgive you. Go in peace. I don’t trust you anymore. You showed me who you are. I’m not saying you can’t change, but you have to do a lot to convince me you have changed.'"

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