DORO Wines Unveiled

Hot Flashes

Posted on Tuesday, December 10, 2013 at 19:43:09 EST

DORO has unveiled two new wines, red wine Herzblut and the Cava Reserva Hero, the world’s first “rock ‘n’ roll champagne.”

The wines commemorate Doro’s 30 Years Strong And Proud tour, in which she celebrated 30 years of being on stage.

A description of the red Herzblut reads: “80-130 year old Grenache vines from the heart of the protected (DO) region Calatayud result in a dark red exceptional wine. Dark cherry, blackberry jam, cassis, coffee and light balsamic notes on the palate - racy, earthy, dense with juicy fruit, coffee and chocolate in the long finish. Ah yes, the very good addition: Doro for her first wine (of course) selected a flawless organic quality!”

A description of the Cava Brut Reserva: “The first’"Rock 'n' Roll Champagne’ comes from central Spain and is produced by the high-quality 'méthode champenoise' including traditional second fermentation directly in the bottle. A complicated process which produces a fine and elegant ‘Cava Reserva’, that already feared some of the best champagne in blind tastings!”

Making of video below:

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