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THE WHO May Get Experimental After 50th Anniversary Tour

Rock Hard

Posted on Wednesday, October 30, 2013 at 16:03:19 EST's Gary Graff reports that THE WHO may be eyeballing a final tour, but it has no plans to stop performing, according to Roger Daltrey.

The group's Pete Townshend caused a stir last week when he told reporters at the London screening of the new documentary Sensation - The Story Of The Who's Tommy, that the duo will tour the world for its 50th anniversary, which will be "the last big one for us." But Daltrey says that we'll certainly still have The Who to kick around.

"I think you have to clarify what he said, and what we mean is we cannot keep going on doing these month-after-month, long, extended tours," Daltrey tells Billboard. "It's extremely hard, hard work, just the grind of it. So we have to be realistic. The band got better reviews on our last tour (the 2012-13 Quadrophenia & More trek) than we had for years. It was incredibly enjoyable. It was incredibly exhausting, and we have to be realistic about our age. But it's not going to be the last thing The Who will do. We're going to be doing events. We're going to be doing shows. We might do other things, more experimental. We might decide to do something in a theater, some small production where we sit down for two or three weeks in one town; that could be managed 'cause we're not schlepping our bodies from city to city. The joy of the stage is wonderful, but the traveling every day is exhausting."

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