The GENE HOGLAN Experience - "Nobody Has Been Disappointed And Everybody Has Been Leaving With Big Ol’ Smiles On Their Faces"

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Posted on Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 02:57:26 EST

Drum legend GENE HOGLAN (DETHKLOK, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD) is featured in a new interview with Metal Assault. An excerpt is available below:

Q: Your Gene Hoglan experience stuff that you’ve been doing, I think you’ve done one show so far in Calgary. What was that like and people who’re going to see the shows in the coming few days, what can they expect from this event?

Hoglan: "A whole lot of fun! That’s one thing I try to bring, a real sense of fun and this thing kind of borders on stand-up comedy for me, because everything I do is completely ad-lib. Footage from that Calgary show has made it on the internet, I don’t know how much, but I’ve only seen the concert portion of it with me actually playing. But everything is a completely different night. It is an individualistic night, and it’s so interactive that fans are free to ask any kind of questions. I don’t have a time limit on the Q&A section or anything like that. You can ask me about anything. If you want to keep it about myself or some of the bands I’ve played with or some of the people I’ve worked with, that’s cool. Even if I miss out some people who have their hands up during the session, they can always come up to me with their questions afterwards. So it is a lot of fun, every night is its own experience, and no two nights will be the same on this. At times I’d probably end up telling the same story here and there if somebody asks, but I do have a wealth of information and entertainment inside my head and I just want to get that out. It’s a very light-hearted night, you know. Plus, I play drums! I play to a bunch of different tracks that a lot of people enjoy and I talk in between them. It’s kind of spoken word/gig, a one-man gig where the tracks are booming and I’m playing along with them. It’s a really special night and I hope everybody that comes out enjoys it and I guarantee you will. There’s not going to be a frown on any face at the end of the night. I’ve done lots of these shows but it’s only now that we’re calling it the Gene Hoglan experience. Nobody has been disappointed and everybody has been leaving with big ol’ smiles on their faces, and that’s really cool to me."

Go to this location for the complete interview.

A new teaser video is available for Hoglan's new DVD, The Atomic Clock: The Clock Strikes Two. Check it out below:

The new DVD will feature “a lot of the stuff I have been doing at my clinics”, according to Gene. “For this release I was able to get the licenses for the songs I am playing. Everything from DEATH, TESTAMENT and MELDRUM are going to be on there. The new DVD has a lot of depth to it and I have tried to improve on everything included.”

The Atomic Clock: The Clock Strikes Two is available for pre-sale now, with several package options, at this location. If that isn’t enough, although Gene has footage chosen for The Atomic Clock: The Clock Strikes Two, he’s leaving it up to his biggest fans to really decide what they would like to see!

As Gene continues the process of creating a bigger and better sequel to his first DVD release, he'd like to hear from you! Email and tell Gene what you want to see on the next DVD, and you will be given the chance to pre-order several packages. There are seven “levels” or packages that fans can pre-order the DVD with.

Hoglan is currently touring the US on his clinic tour, The Gene Hoglan Experience. Earlier this week, Gene released a video update regarding his clinic tour and his upcoming DVD. Watch the update below:

Confirmed appearances:

17 - Coralville, IA - West Music Coralville (Signing TBA – 6 PM)
19 - New Berlin, WI - Cascio Interstate Music (Part of Drummer Fest / Free – 11 AM )

Hoglan came up with The Gene Hoglan Experience concept to give the fans what they want: the ultimate “Gene” experience. In addition to telling personal stories, as mentioned above, Hoglan will reveal some of his secret techniques and tips to help all drummers and musicians of all levels. More information will be announced soon.