MACHINE HEAD's Robb Flynn - "Most Of My Favorite Records Weren't #1"

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Posted on Wednesday, October 09, 2013 at 15:05:39 EST

MACHINE HEAD vocalist and guitarist Robb Flynn has posted his latest entry in The General Journals, an excerpt follows:

"Because being #1 often means playing to the lowest common denominator. It means dumbing your music down to such a level that every soccer mom and mini-van driving dad can enjoy it as it plays in the background. That said, there have been some exceptional, authentic records that came in at #1, but it's very rare, to me 95% of the time it means watered down music.

So I started researching it, fucking-around-on-the-internet, and man, there are a lot of records, surprising records, that never got to #1 here in the US. I was gobsmacked considering the importance of the music.

Here's a list of my favorite albums that DIDN'T chart at #1 and never got to #1 on the US charts: ("peaked at" refers to the highest position it got to, not what it "debuted at" which many times was much lower)..."

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After over a year of dialogues with various record labels, Machine Head have decided on a new home with the newly launched arm of Nuclear Blast Records, Nuclear Blast Entertainment, headed by the band's longtime friend and former Roadrunner A&R guru Monte Conner.

Excitement runs high in both camps. Says Conner, "I feel incredibly fortunate to say I have signed Machine Head - for the third time! They wrote one of the greatest metal albums of all-time as their debut and then turned around and beat it 13 years later. Machine Head have produced some of the best material of their storied career over the course of their last three records, and like a fine wine, they just keep getting better with age. The songwriting in this band is beyond evolved compared to the majority of their peers, and as a lyricist, Robb Flynn is second to none. On the live front, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more commanding and dominating band."

Continues Conner, "Ever since the launch of Nuclear Blast Entertainment, one of my main goals has been to reunite with Machine Head. I am grateful to Machine Head for continuing to put their trust in me as well as my new partners at Nuclear Blast, who share my passion for and commitment to the band."

This pairing puts one of the top metal bands in the world with one of the top metal labels in the world and puts both on track for an epic, mutually beneficial and strong future together. Guitarist/vocalist Robb Flynn adds: "Monte Conner has believed in Machine Head for 20 years, his belief has never wavered, and we are extremely proud to work alongside him once again. When I visited the Nuclear Blast compounds in both Germany and Los Angeles last year, the vibe and spirit that Markus Staiger, Gerardo Martinez and their respective teams created took me back to the spirit of the old Roadrunner Records days, back when bands like OBITUARY and SEPULTURA were changing the world with their music. Everyone believes, everyone wants it for the right reasons, it's about creating and respecting a culture, about pioneering new ways for people to discover great music."

Nuclear Blast founder/owner and long time Machine Head supporter Markus Staiger states: "There's no doubt that Machine Head is one of the most influential modern day bands. Just listen to their debut album which still sounds like it's been recorded just a few months ago - sound wise as well as in terms of songwriting! Or check out their recent metal masterpiece The Blackening which shows the band is still peaking and is more vital than ever. I've been a huge Machine Head fan from day one and I've always followed them through all the different stages of their career. So it is a real honor for me to finally be working with them, having them join the Nuclear family and kicking some major ass worldwide for and with Machine Head! Let freedom ring with a Nuclear Blast!"

Machine Head will enter the studio in late October to begin recording its eighth album for an early 2014 release, followed by a massive worldwide tour cycle.

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