PAGAN’S MIND Singer Talks About Performing IRON MAIDEN's ‘Run To The Hills’ On Norway's The Voice

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Posted on Sunday, October 06, 2013 at 14:48:43 EST

Singer Nils K. Rue from Norwegian power metal band PAGAN’S MIND kicked off the 2013 season of the Norwegian leg of The Voice in late August performing the classic IRON MAIDEN song ‘Run To The Hills’ on his Blind Audition.

Rue updates fans on Facebook about the contest:

"First of all thank you so very much for all your nice comments - it warms my heart and soul. In just a few weeks or so the video has reached 35,000 views which is more than almost any video of the band on YouTube. Commercial media has that power and approximately 750,000 Norwegians saw this on air on Friday night, which is a record back here. It's all in the love of music that I did this. To push the band name more, to get contacts and to get more recognition for my singing here in Norway. I wish I could say it differently but even if Pagan's Mind has lots of fans outside of Norway, none of us are able to live off the music. It's a hard competition and my dream is still to live off my singing, so I thought what the heck - lets give it a try. Actually it was my fiancee Renée on the picture that applied for me without me knowing about it, and when one of the producers called me I said yes. For me, its just been a fun thing and nothing too serious- but it has already given me and the band national recognition, and as a plus giving the youngsters some old-school metal in the jungle of pop music, thought it would be a good thing. Thanks again everyone."