TOMORROW'S OUTLOOK - New Song Sample Featuring PRIMAL FEAR Singer Ralf Scheepers Streaming

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Posted on Saturday, October 05, 2013 at 16:07:53 EST

Norwegian metallers TOMORROW'S OUTLOOK have posted another sample from their upcoming album featuring PRIMAL FEAR singer Ralf Scheepers.

The band says: "Please bear in mind this is only rough pre production stuff, and the footage in this video is not from the latest session with Ralf, it's actually from when he tracked the vocals for another song called 'Within The World Of Dreams'. This is why his vocals doesn't match the video. We are very satisfied with the three songs Ralf recorded with us for our upcoming album. We are also extremely happy with the song writing this time and the new and forthcoming album should be a major step from our debut album which was released through the Australian label Battlegod Productions last year."

Tomorrow's Outlook also recently posted some rough footage from the studio off Tom Mallicoat recording vocals for their upcoming album. The vocalist from the acclaimed american heavy metal band LETHAL will be singing lead vocals on track 4 which is called 'A Voice Unheard'.

The band stated: "We are thrilled to work with one of our all-time favourite vocalists for our forthcoming CD. Programmed which was the debut album of Tom's band Lethal is a true masterpiece and definitely among our all-time favourite releases. What is so cool is that Tom is still the amazing singer he was back in the days. He hasn't lost a bit of his voice actually. Still the same power and amazing range. We are working with the best vocalists in the industry, and even if Tom hasn't really recorded anything the last 10 years or so, he can still stand toe to toe with the best. No doubt!"

The upcoming and yet untitled Tomorrow's Outlook CD, which is a concept album, is scheduled for an early 2014 release through the Australian label Battlegod Productions.

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