MOTÖRHEAD’s 20 Most Earthquaking Aftershocks: #18

Hot Flashes

Posted on Saturday, October 05, 2013 at 10:52:02 EST

By Martin Popoff and Metal Tim Henderson

In celebration of MOTÖRHEAD’s cannonating new slab Aftershock, BraveWords has decided to serve up a primer and reminder as to the 20 most shocking events in the life of Lem and Co! Conflate them, debate them... we’re presenting them in countdown form, until the day of quake, namely the record’s release date, October 22nd. So read on and soak in all the gruesome glory and historical heavy metal!

#18 - Not strictly a Motörhead shocker, but Lem is set free to establish his notorious signature act by being fired from HAWKWIND… because of a drug bust at the Canadian border (legend has it he spent five days in jail and and was released with no charge or conviction). The notoriously drug-bent band of psychedelic warriors themselves escaped any trouble, save for poor old Lem, who found himself unceremoniously replaced. Hard to believe, but Lemmy proved himself to be too much of a hard case for even the famously and fantastically druggy Hawkwind. The last song he had written for the English act was called 'Motörhead'. And the beast was born.

Motörhead’s 20 Most Earthquaking Aftershocks

#20 - Motörhead's "dirty, biker-mad, speed-freaked" debut album.
#19 - No Sleep 'til you own this album!
#18 - HAWKWIND gives Lemmy the boot and Motörhead is born.