VOICES OF EXTREME - 'Numb' Lyric Video Streaming

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Posted on Thursday, October 03, 2013 at 17:15:57 EST

VOICES OF EXTREME have released a lyric video for the track ‘Numb’, featured on the band’s new album, Break The Silence, hitting stores October 29th via Smash-Mouth Records.

Vocalist Don Chaffin explains how the lyrics behind the track focus on society’s relationship with the media. “‘Numb’ was written with the concept of a social "sped-up and fed-up" society that leaves individuals in a disoriented state as so many different phases of the world's conflicts and woes are being force fed via the media network channels.”

Don continues by explaining the story behind the lyric video. “Friend of the band Mike Freemantle was kind enough to portray an average business man coming home from the hustle and bustle of N.Y. City and trying to "walk off" all of the pressure that has filled his mind and thoughts during the course of his stressful day. His walk home is a "cleansing" of sorts as he tries to shake off all of the imagery of social corruption in his mind while his path eventually leads him back to his guitar, finding the ultimate release in his musical environment.”

Hailing from New York, Voices Of Extreme is a powerful hard rock ensemble that will appeal to fans of dynamic, harmonic metal and melodic rock. All of the members have extensive experience in the industry and are now supporting their new album Break The Silence, the follow up to their debut album Hypocrite.

"Break The Silence”, states vocalist Don Chaffin, “is a culmination of the band’s collective influences and various individual styles, and is a direct outreach to the fans who have come to love and support our music and live performances!”

Break The Silence tracklisting:

‘Tell Me What It Takes’
‘Break The Silence’
‘Did It Again’
‘Made Of Stone’
‘Blown Away’
‘More Than Anything’

VOX was created by childhood friends Don Chaffin and Bob Brennan. The two started working on the recordings for their second release in late 2009 when Bob Brennan and Nick Gertsson returned to New York and reunited with Don Chaffin.

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