NASHVILLE PUSSY Launches Slinging Pig Radio

Rock Hard

Posted on Thursday, September 26, 2013 at 21:02:15 EST

"Slinging Pig Records has been busy. We got our own radio station! That's right, our own radio station," proclaims NASHVILLE PUSSY vocalist and guitarist Blaine Cartwright.

"We are on the air this Friday, September 27th, starting at 1pm Eastern time (click here to listen). People have always told me that I need to do a radio show. But my brain can't be contained in one show. I need a whole damn station! We are going to kick it off with a DEVIL DOGS song then follow with a non-stop party of the world's best music. Friday we are featuring some great radio shows that have been hand picked by yours truly."

"Jugtown, Downtown Soulville, Shout Bamalama, Rock n' Roll Rampage, they have to be heard to be believed. We also have Little Steven's Underground in Spanish that's timed so it will air at midnight European time. To top it off we have five hours of Rock n' Roll Damnation, all taken from my personal collection. Finally we have The Classic Metal show's two hour tribute to KISS. And one hour of the ongoing battle JAMES BROWN vs. MOTÖRHEAD This will be the coolest station in the history of the human eardrum! We have the best in country, soul, funk, blues, punk, gospel, bluegrass, classic rock, cool oldies, comedy, old radio shows and much more. Check out the schedule then turn it on and leave it on!"