MOONSPELL - Alpha Best Tour Extended

Hot Flashes

Posted on Monday, September 23, 2013 at 14:53:24 EST

MOONSPELL have announced the full dates and clubs for the upcoming Alpha Beast tour, which will see the band travelling from Prague in the Czech Republic up to their debut in the city of Beijing, capitol of China. This journey will see the band through most of Eastern Europe, landing gigs in Czech, Poland, Baltic, Belorus, Ukraine, Rússia, crossing Siberia and ending in Beijing, a very first time in Ásia for the band. Dates can be found on the tour poster below:

The setlist will for sure have the energy and the melancholy of the band’s latest double album Alpha Noir/Ómega White (which charted in 8 different countries in Europe and took the band on a tour that has visited more than 40 different countries so far between Europe and América), but Moonspell has promised to make plenty of travels in time and visit with the fans albums that are now mythical in the European metal scene like Wolfheart and Irreligious. In fact, Moscow and St.Petersburg will receive a special night, with an over 2 hours setlist, divided into a vintage set (Wolfheart/Irreligious) and another set dedicated to the remain discography including the last three albums (Memorial, Night Eternal and Alpha/Ómega) but with a few surprises in between. The Moscow and St.Pete dates will also witness Mariangela Demurtas (TRISTANIA) join the pack on stage as a guest singer.

With Halloween being in Kiev, with the special shows in Rússia, the return to Moonspell’s beloved Poland, all the other great dates and returns, the crossing of Siberia and the glorious end in China, there are more than reasons to be under the spell between October and November and buy a ticket to watch the Alpha Beast tour. After a great summer with a huge response on all festivals, it’s time to bring the beast back in the road and spread their own created brand of the darkest Metal in Europe.

Singer Fernando Ribeiro: “We are totally excited about this tour as we will play to a crowd in the East that has always been so intensly supportive of Moonspell since day one. I feel a bit like Michael Strogoff, the Jules Vernes character, the Courier to the Czar as it was one of my childhood dreams to cross the East, arrive to Rússia and go further into Siberia and then China.We are overwhelmed and will be on our top shape to face the Alpha Beast together with all the fullmoon maniacs out there! Go East!”

The band will played at Madeira's Winter fest in Portugal on December 28th and will soon announce a new tour for January/February 2014 as well as some Summer Festivals for 2014. In between, the band will write new material for their next release after Alpha/Omega.