SKINFLINT’s Second Album IKLWA To Be Rereleased

Hot Flashes

Posted on Tuesday, September 03, 2013 at 20:02:08 EST

Pure Steel Records will rerelease SKINFLINT’s second album IKLWA on September 27th, with preorders starting on September 13th. The album is being rereleased due to minimal quantities being available the first time.

A press release describes the album: “Again cranky Epic Metal is ruling the album, which causes slight memories to bands like MANILLA ROAD or CIRITH UNGOL. However, the old heroes aren’t only copied at any time, cause the band got an own independent, bone dry and warm retro sound. Catchy riffs are hitting expansive rhythmic structures and the gnarly guitar sound is calling also bands like REALM BUILDER in the mind. Together with the more rough vocals and the genre-typical hand-drawn cover this is another gem for any true metal maniac.”

IKLWA tracklisting:

‘Iron Pierced King’
‘Mbube The Great’
‘Burning The Soul With Diesel’
‘The Fallen’
‘Army Of The Dead’ (bonus track)
‘Gauna Live’ (bonus track)