MARK BOALS, ARTUR ALMEIDA, GEORGE TSALIKIS Announced As Guest Vocalists For The Legend Of Valley Doom Metal Opera

Hot Flashes

Posted on Tuesday, September 03, 2013 at 09:40:56 EST

Vocalists Mark Boals (pictured below - ex-YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, IRON MASK, ROYAL HUNT), Artur Almeida (ATTICK DEMONS) and George Tsalikis (ZANDELLE), as well as bassist Giorgio Novarino (ex-CRYSTAL EMPIRE, ex-BEJELIT) and guitarist Kristian Tjelle (ex-NOCUTURNAL ILLUSION), have been announced as special guests for the new metal opera, The Legend Of Valley Doom. More guests TBA.

The story takes place in a land called Valley Doom. There are rumours about the rising of a new great evil, and it is coming their way. It's fortold in the ancient scrolls that when Valley Doom's future and existence is at stake, thechosen one will rise. His name is the warrior king. Part 1 of The Legend of Valley Doom is about the King and the wizard named Arigo's journey to find the Warrior King and fulfill the prophecy.

The Metal Opera is in three parts. There's also a fantasy book on the way that digs deeper into the story about Valley Doom.

The Valley Doom Crew:

Marius Danielsen (DARKEST SINS) - Vocals, guitars
Peter Danielsen (EUNOMIA, Darkest Sins) - Synth
Esa Ahonen (CRYONIC TEMPLE) - Guitar
Anniken Rasmussen (Darkest Sins) - Bass
Ludvig Pedersen (Darkest Sins) - Drums

Further details can be found at this location.