ACTIVATOR To Release Debut Album In September

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Posted on Tuesday, August 27, 2013 at 19:15:54 EST

Boasting a sound that captures the raw hardcore meets galloping thrash metal of 80’s NYHC cross-over, ACTIVATOR is coming! Side-stepping the modern metal-core era, the New York based quartet reference such iconic bands as LEEWAY, THE CRUMBSUCKERS, THE CRO-MAGS and ABSOLUTION in their approach. While Activator has existed for several years and has played stages across the country with such notables as the BAD BRAINS, MURPHY’S LAW and MERAUDER, their self-titled debut album (sporting cover artwork designed by Version Industries, who have worked with such names as DAFT PUNK and Louis C.K.) is finally ready to be released on September 17th.

A prime example of Activator's NYHC/thrash sound is the song ‘Sexy For Breakfast’, which can be heard below:

Featuring brand new material as well as re-workings of their earlier demo material, the album benefited from the assistance of Jim Williams of MAXIMUM PENALTY/NAUSEA fame on vocal production and mixing by Matt Snedecor (RUSH, DRESDEN DOLLS). “I wanted to capture the same ferocity of our live show on recording,” explains Shannon Moore (vocals). “While we were recording at Night Owl Studios (which is owned by Williams), Jim’s experience with recording and being a vocalist really helped make sure we went in the right direction,” adds guitarist Jared Drace. The resulting amp aggression and out front vocals captured on such songs as ‘Shackle’ and ‘Unfortunate Lovely’ is a true representation of the band’s stage prowess committed to record.

Activator’s line-up is completed by bassist Willie Paredes (formerly of alt-rock group PAGODA), and Soviet born and bred drummer, Sunny Leejean. The group first came to fruition in 2006, when Queens, NY native Moore first met Drace at the recently shuttered L.E.S. artist/skater bar, Max Fish. The two instantly connected over their shared love for the metal, punk and art that’s come out of the New York scene over the years. “I was more of a metal head growing up, drawing inspiration from all sorts of sub-genres,” reveals Drace. “As we started to collaborate on music, Shannon and I were able to combine our roots to hardcore and metal to create a truly hybrid sound.”

Check out the track ‘Bedside Manor’ below:

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