EREB ALTOR To Release Fire Meets Ice In North America

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Posted on Monday, August 26, 2013 at 20:58:57 EST

EREB ALTOR will release their latest album, Fire Meets Ice, in North America on October 15th via Metal Blade Records. The album was previously released by Cyclone Empire on July 26th throughout Europe. The Swedish trio, known for their melodic Viking metal mixed with elements of BATHORY and CANDLEMASS, have previously released three full-length albums - By Honour in 2008, The End in 2010, and Gastrike in 2012. With Fire Meets Ice, it remains evident that Ereb Altor's strength lies with their ability to meld black metal with the melodic tendencies with which fans would most associate the Viking metal label.


'Fire Meets Ice'
'The Chosen Ones'
'My Ravens'
'The Deceiver Shall Repent'
'Post Ragnarök'
'Our Legacy'

'My Ravens':

'Nifelheim' lyric video:

Ereb Altor is:

Ragnar - vocals, guitar, bass
Mats - vocals, guitar, bass, keys
Tord - drums