AEROSMITH Cancels Festival Appearances In Shanghai And Taipei

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Posted on Monday, August 19, 2013 at 07:26:46 EST

It is with sincere regret that AEROSMITH has announced that it must cancel two previously scheduled festival gigs Wednesday, August 21 in Shanghai and Saturday, August 24 in Taipei. The cancellation is due to th elocal promoter being unable to live up to contractual obligations.

Photo by Ross Halfin

Aerosmith shares the disappointment of their fans in Shanghai and Taipei and they hope to see them soon.

“We are extremely upset to have disappointed our dedicated fans,” says Steven Tyler. “They have welcomed us into their country and due to uncontrollable circumstances we will not be able to perform. We were so excited to share our music with them and look forward to one day returning and giving them the show they deserve.”

“We're disappointed as we wanted to play for our fans,” said Joe Perry. “We've looked forward to this for a lifetime.”

“It's always been a dream of ours to play in Shanghai and Taipei, and meet our fans there," Tom Hamilton says. “We were really looking forward to visiting Shanghai and Taipei and playing for our fans there and are very disappointed that these two shows have been cancelled.”

“I'm disappointed we weren't able to play for our fans in China; however, the circumstances were beyond our control,” says Joey Kramer. “I sincerely hope Aerosmith will get another opportunity to come back to Shanghai and Taiwan to play for our many fans there.”

Aerosmith's Rock For The Rising Sun concert film follows the Bad Boys from Boston across Japan in the months after the devastating nuclear meltdown, and was released on DVD and Blu-Ray this week via Eagle Rock Entertainment. A new video clip of their hit 'Love In An Elevator' can be viewed below:

In March 2011 Japan was beset by a huge earthquake, a monstrous tsunami and the subsequent meltdown of the Fukushima nuclear plant. In the fall of 2011, despite advice to the contrary, Aerosmith brought their Back On The Road tour to Japan, a country with which they'd always had a special relationship.

The Japanese fans came out in their droves and Aerosmith responded with some of the finest gigs of their distinguished career. This film follows the band on that tour combining full length live tracks with behind the scenes footage which is at times touching and emotional and at others humorous and insightful. More than anything else it demonstrates the Japanese fans love affair with Aerosmith and their music.


'Draw The Line'
'Love In An Elevator'
'Livin' On The Edge'
'Hangman Jury'
'No More No More'
'Mama Kin'
'Monkey On My Back'
'Toys In The Attic'
'Sweet Emotion'
'Boogie Man'
'Rats In The Cellar'
'Movin' Out'
'Last Child'
'S.O.S. (Too Bad)'
'Walk This Way'
'Train Kept A Rollin'' (credits)

'Sweet Emotion' video:

Landing in Tokyo just 6 months after Fukushima, Aerosmith began the Japanese leg of their world tour in devastating circumstances. This film directed by Casey Patrick Tebo, documents both the performances and the band’s relationship with Japan. A love letter between the Japanese fans who were living under the umbrella of recent tragedy, and the band who simply, while after being warned not to go there, went to heal with the only medicine they could... the music.