ELDRITCH Recording New Album; Studio Video Streaming

Hot Flashes

Posted on Wednesday, August 07, 2013 at 09:28:27 EST

Italian progressive metallers ELDRITCH are at work on their upcoming ninth album, expected in early 2014.

Says the band: "There are many interesting things to say about what the new shit will sound like but we'll keep you posted in the next bulletins... Here's a video of what happened these last days in Syncropain Recording studios."

Footage of drummer Raffahell setting up his kit for recordings can be seen below:

Eldritch lineup:

Terence Holler: Vocals
Eugene Simone: Lead guitars
Rudj Ginanneschi: Rhythm guitars
John Crystal: Bass
Gabriele Caselli: Keyboards
Raffahell Dridge: Drums

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