KROKUS Bassist Chris Von Rohr - "There's Some True Brotherhood In The Band Now"

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Posted on Monday, July 15, 2013 at 02:21:27 EST

Marko Syrjala at recently spoke with KROKUS bassist Chris von Rohr, who discussed the band's reunion, their Dirty Dynamite album, life outside Krokus, Swiss countrymen GOTTHARD, and TWISTED SISTER frontman Dee Snider. An excerpt from the in-depth interview is available below: I think it’s really great that the band is now back together and you have managed to sort out all the personal issues you had in the past.

Chris von Rohr: "I tell you. We all learned about that and now on every rehearsal you see the whole band smiling. It’s never been like that before. It’s working now even if we have the long bus rides. There is a conversation, there is a respect for each other. Everybody’s learned their lessons, life has taught us a lot. So, that is unbelievable. Now it’s like a really friendship whereas earlier it was just like a business and work… It was just job and there was some asshole attitude there. Even Marc Storace has changed a lot to be good. He’s much more down to earth now and he sees the reality more. Because singers are always a little bit LSD, 'lead singer disease' (laughs). So, there’s some true brotherhood in the band now. What can I say? It’s a good for us all and we are really very thankful that this could happen again." So, once you decided to get back together, what kind of goals you did have in mind? I mean, how many years might this continue on and things like that?

Chris von Rohr: There was no speculation. We just came back together and said, let the music do the talking. Let’s see how much fun we are going to have, how much… At the age we are, you just take year by year.

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Krokus recently released their new music video, for the Dirty Dynamite album track, 'Dög Song'. Martin Hausler, producer of the video, offers the following background information:

"Working with animals is harder than working with rockers! After talking to a few professional movie life animal trainers none of them had the right bulldog available or was crazy enough to sign up for a three day shoot marathon on a low budget in LA. So I contacted the California bulldog rescue and posted a casting call on their websites. Out of the approximately 40 responses, I invited and met a few dogs and their owners for two days in L.A. Some of the owners had their dogs better trained than any professional dog trainer I’d met before.

"The best dog was Tank and the craziest owner was Cindy Sneller – so they got the deal. Cindy and her boyfriend Fred, who both came along to the shoot days, ended up being the right choice.

"The shoot was crazy! Some things to remember was how difficult it was to find a tattoo shop that would let us and the dog in and give us a shoot permit with all those health laws in the US. I think my producer went to see about 20 tattoo shops before he found one that was up for doing the scene.

"We had a great time shooting the strip bar scenes. Luckily I bumped into a German strip bar owner in North Hollywood who rented us out his place for 500 bucks or so, which is usually a location you’d have to pay much much more for in LA.

"And then we had to find a stripper who was down for having sex with a dog on camera! It was quite a challenge to get this all together."

Prior to the first concert on their sold out Closer Contact Doeg Tour, Krokus' record label Sony Music presented them with Gold and Platinum record awards for Dirty Dynamite.

Said the band: "Krokus would also like to thank our management team and our record label Sony Music for their hard work and dedication!

Dirty Dynamite tracklisting:

'Hallelujah Rock n' Roll'
'Go Baby Go'
'Rattlesnake Rumble'
'Dirty Dynamite'
'Let The Good Times Roll'
'Better Than Sex'
'Dög Song'
'Yellow Mary'
l'Bailout Blues'
'Live Ma Life'
'Hardrocking Man'