JORN Release Official 'Traveller' Video

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Posted on Tuesday, May 28, 2013 at 07:03:58 EST

Frontiers Records has announced the release of a brand new – all original – studio album JORN, Traveller, on June 11th in North America and June 14th in Europe. The band has unveiled the official video for the title track below:

Traveller is his eighth studio album under the Jorn banner and represents the first product of the pairing of Jorn Lande and the new guitarist Trond Holter (WIG WAM, DREAM POLICE). The result is eleven new songs encompassing a variety of moods and styles, with Lande’s voice shining through memorable anthems, backed by wonderful grooves and tightly-executed classic and melodic heavy metal.

“This album has all the elements of the Jorn legacy,” says Lande. “It is heavy, but still very melodic and experimental, and it really rocks! As usual we haven't spent much time analyzing the material before recording it, this is an album about life, doom and death reflecting on what I know and thoughts about what I don't.”

Traveller includes the following tracks:

'Cancer Demon'
'Window Maker'
'Make Your Engine Scream'
'Legend Man'
'Carry The Black'
'Rev On'
'The Man Who Was King'

You can sample four songs from the new album below:

Jorn is:
Jorn Lande: vocals
Willy Bendiksen: drums
Trond Holter: guitar
Jimmy Iversen: guitar
Bernt Jansen: bass