DRAGONHAMMER Join Forces With My Kingdom Music; First Album In 9 Years Coming In October

Hot Flashes

Posted on Friday, May 24, 2013 at 14:34:15 EST

My Kingdom Music has announced the signing of Italian power/prog metallers DRAGONHAMMER. The band's new album, The X Experiment, will be released on October 21st, nine years after the last band's release.

The album could be defined an explosive mix of power, epic and progressive metal in the real Dragonhammer tradition and style, and is based on a great futuristic concept, a modern fantastic story set in a post-nuclear world where the chaos reigns. The X Experiment, recorded by a completely renewed lineup lead by the talent of Gae Amodio and Max Aguzzi, will have great special guests of international acclaim. The release will be followed and promoted by a series of live shows in Europe. More details and news soon.

Dragonhammer lineup:

Max Aguzzi - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Gae Amodio - Bass
Roberto Franzò - Lead Guitar
Giulio Cattivera - Keyboards
Massimiliano Santori - Drums

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