INSANITY’s Debut Album Death After Death To Be Reissued On Vinyl


Posted on Friday, May 03, 2013 at 18:29:26 EST

Hells Headbangers announces June 21st as the international release date for INSANITY's Death After Death vinyl reissue. Hailing from California, Insanity's roots stretch back to the mid '80s, when death metal was just beginning to get a toehold in the underground. While the band would hone their twistedly memorable/memorably twisted craft across a clutch of demos during that decade, it wasn't until 1994 when Insanity would release their debut album, Death After Death. By then, black metal was taking over the underground and death metal was on a slow, steady decline, but Insanity stuck to their guns and produced an alternately crazy/catchy slab of old-school death metal that somehow maintained a forward-thinking outlook.

With solos flying out of control yet retaining a dark melodicism, and riff/battery doing much the same - serpentine, obtuse structures retaining a memorable flow - had Death After Death been released five years earlier as originally intended, Insanity would be held in the same reverence as DEATH, ATHIEST, and MORBID ANGEL were in the late '80s. Now, Hells Headbangers unleashes Death After Death on gatefold vinyl and with new artwork by Drew Eliot - resurrection never sounded so deathly!

Death After Death tracklisting:

‘Attack Of Archangels’
‘Fire Death Fate’
‘In Memory’
‘Rotting Decay’
‘Morbid Lust’
‘Blood For Blood’
‘Death After Death’