Report: "AOL Music Is Finished"

Hot Flashes

Posted on Friday, April 26, 2013 at 21:24:51 EST

According to Billboard, AOL Music is shutting down, according to a series of tweets from staffers at the company that were essentially confirmed by tweets from AOL Radio. The first came from Dan Reilly, editor of AOL’s music site, which said, “Well, we all just got laid off. AOL Music is finished.” At press time, reps for AOL had not granted’s request for comment and confirmation.

Two tweets were posted to's Twitter page that said, "All of AOL Music is shutting down" and "today is our last day," according to a screenshot that was captured and posted online. Those tweets have since been deleted. Reilly later tweeted that he was sitting in an HR meeting "trying to negotiate keeping our computers for a few more days."

He also vaguely hinted that Spinner may not be shutting down after all, but admitted he's uncertain: "Maybe you haven't heard the last of Spinner. I don't know."

According to sources, the entire music staff was gathered into a room Friday morning by the HR department and told they had until the end of the day to vacate the offices.

Nearly all of AOL Music took a hit, according to the tweets from AOL Radio. There have been layoffs at AOL Music as well as the blogs Spinner, The Boot, Noisecreep and The BoomBox. AOL Radio clarified in a tweet that the Slacker-powered AOL Radio service will continue to operate. An unconfirmed report says AOL's Winamp/SHOUTcast service will also remain operational.