J.D. OVERDRIVE - 'Beware The Boozehound' Track Streaming

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Posted on Monday, April 22, 2013 at 10:33:18 EST

Poland's J.D. OVERDRIVE will release their sophomore studio album, Fortune Favors The Brave, on May 24th in Europe via Metal Mind Productions, and on July 2nd in North America, via MVD.

The mixing and mastering duties for the album was held by Piotr Gruenpeter, who's best known for providing electronics, noise and production quality for the post-black phenomenon THAW, as well as from bands SEARCHING FOR CALM and SUN FOR MIILES.

Wojtek ‘Susel’ Kaluza, the band’s vocalist comments: “First results are simply amazing and we can't wait to show you the final album. It's gonna be heavy, raw and crushing!”


'Bad Karma'
'Born To Destroy'
'Funeral Stopper'
'Beware The Boozehound'
'Call Of The South'
'Standing Tall'
'Shadow Of The Beast'
'The Revelation'
'Like Heroes To The Slaughter'
'Hope For The Best, Prepare For The Worst'

'Beware The Boozehound' can be heard below:

The new album will feature two guest appearances - a fantastic guitar solo is provided by Piotr "Dziki" Chancewicz from the Polish band MECH and Hammond parts by Piotr "Voltan" Sikora from LEASH EYE and EXLIBRIS.

You can watch a video from the recording studio below:

Fortune Favors The Brave is scheduled for a release on May 27th in Europe and July 4th in North America (via MVD).

J.D. Overdrive lineup:

Wojtek "Susel” Kaluza – vocal
Michal "Stempel” Stemplowski – guitar
Lukasz "Joorek” Jurewicz – drums
Lukasz "Peo” Pomietlo – bass

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