Report: DROPKICK MURPHYS Raise $65,000 In 15 Hours With Boston Marathon Benefit Shirt

Hot Flashes

Posted on Friday, April 19, 2013 at 02:43:13 EST

According to Rolling Stone, Boston's local heroes DROPKICK MURPHYS raised $65,000 in just 15 hours for those affected by the Boston Marathon bombings by selling a new t-shirt on their website.

The tee is priced between $24.99 and $26.99, based on size, and the front reads "For Boston" with a photo of the skyline. The back is emblazoned with the city's seal and the note, "Thank you, to all who purchased this shirt. All proceeds go to the victims and families of the Boston Marathon bombings. Love, Dropkick Murphys."

Go to the band's official webshop here to purchase.