MILKING THE GOATMACHINE Release 'Only Goat Can Judge Me' Video

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Posted on Thursday, March 28, 2013 at 14:02:11 EST

The new MILKING THE GOATMACHINE album, Stallzeit, will be released on March 29th via NoiseArt Records. A new video, for the album track 'Only Goat Can Judge Me', can be seen below:

The goatginders from Goateborg previously released a preview clip for the album track, 'Goatpainter'. According to the band, this song is dedicated to a friendly artist, who granted the band and their skin some goatastic hours. Check it out below:

The band previously stated: "The album will be, like all other MTG albums, a concept album. The topics are the experiences that we`ve made on your planet and how we narrate everything to our Goatlord on planet GoatEborg... it's effectively a goat diary! The song 'When A Goat Loves A Woman' for example describes the difficulty when you receive a phone number from an earth-doe and you try to dial the number with hooves on your touchscreen smart phone... Musically we stayed true to ourselves and we grind down everything that we are up against.“

Stallzeit tracklisting:

'Only Goat Can Judge Me'
'Goatriders In The Sky'
'3 Room Shed'
'The Day I Lost My Bell'
'Salt Lick City'
'Milk ´Em All'
'Whoola Hoove Groove'
'Look @ These'
'When A Goat Loves A Woman'
'Udder Infection'
'In 10 Years We Are Old School'
'Ace Of Spades' (MOTÖRHEAD cover)

Upcoming tour dates include:

5 - Magdeburg, Germany - Factory
6 - Weimar, Germany - Schützengasse
20 - Sulzbach an der Murr, Germany - Belinda
27 - Harderwijk, Netherlands - Estrado

11 - Malters, Switzerland - Nothing But Metal Festival
23 - Hünxe, Germany - Extremefest
30-June 6 - Geiselwind, Germany - Beastival

29 - Gallio, Vicenza, Italy - Sun Valley Metal Festival

27 - Bertingen, Germany - Rock unter den Eichen

30-31 - Crispendorf, Germany - Wolfszeit Festival