BRIAN TICHY Offering Private Lessons, Recording Sessions

Hot Flashes

Posted on Monday, March 25, 2013 at 23:20:50 EST

BRIAN TICHY, who has played with: BILLY IDOL, GILBY CLARKE, STEVIE SALAS, WHITESNAKE, and FOREIGNER, among others, has issued the following open invitation:

"Hi! My name is Brian Thomas Tichy. I am a professional rock and roll drummer. I have a decent resume. If you are into rock and roll drumming, and have a desire to get pushed in the right direction, then take a minute to consider some private lessons with me. I live in Los Angeles and have chosen to stay local more than usual. The same goes for guitar lessons as I have learned from some of the best players in the biz...

I also track drums at my house and know how to play to a click track and edit ProTools and get cool sounds. (I also know how to speed bag but that probably won't come into play much... haha).

Send me a private message via Facebook and we can take it from there. Oh, if you didn't know it, drums, guitar and all that stuff rule, so you should get this going!"