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Update: AEROSMITH - Steven Tyler Act Stalls In Hawaii As Lawmakers Say Privacy Bill Has Zero Support

Rock Hard

Posted on Thursday, March 21, 2013 at 15:40:38 EST's Anita Hofschneider reports that the future is looking bleak for a celebrity privacy bill in Hawaii known as the Steven Tyler Act.

The proposal pushed by the AEROSMTH lead singer would allow people to sue others who take photos or videos of their private moments. But after sailing through the Senate earlier this month following personal testimony from Tyler at a February hearing, the bill is missing deadlines in the state House, and key lawmakers say they won't push it through.

Rep. Angus McKelvey, of Maui, the chairman of the first of three House committees the bill needs to pass to get to the House floor, said he won't hold a hearing for the bill.

"There is zero support for that legislation in the House of Representatives," McKelvey, chairman of the consumer protection committee, told The Associated Press. "To say there is absolutely zero support would be an understatement."

Read the full story at this location.

JULIAN LENNON recently announced that his new single, 'Someday', features Steven Tyler and will be released next month on iTunes.

The song, which will be released April 8th, “highlights another year of inspiration for me, in regards to my music, photography and philanthropy work, and 'Someday' is a reflection of that,” Lennon said in an email announcing its release.

Lennon also said his album, Everything Changes, which has previously been available in the UK, will be available worldwide shortly after the single is released.

Tyler told the London Evening Standard that he and Lennon decided to collaborate after Lennon heard him sing in the shower.
Julian Lennon

"A lot of stuff happens in L.A. We were staying at a hotel where Julian Lennon was staying, and one morning I was singing in the shower. The window was open, and I just heard, 'Steven?' We brought him over to the studio and he sang on the opening track," he said.