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Former HADES / NON-FICTION Guitarist DAN LORENZO To Guest On DANZIG Bassist STEVE ZING's Debut Solo Album; Recording Footage Posted

Hot Flashes

Posted on Friday, March 08, 2013 at 15:51:55 EST

Dan Lorenzo, the founding member of both HADES and NON-FICTION, recently recorded a guest appearance for DANZIG bassist STEVE ZING's upcoming debut solo album.

"I haven't been playing much guitar since I became the editor of Steppin' Out magazine a little over a year ago", Lorenzo stated, "I usually play basketball outside when the weather allows and just play guitar in the winter. I hadn't really picked up a guitar much this winter. Then Steve Zing saw Don Jamieson wearing my shirt on That Metal Show and I guess it prompted him to give me a call. He asked me if I wanted to play on a cover song on his CD. He told me Johnny Kelly from TYPE O NEGATIVE/Danzig would be on drums. So I started jamming along to the first two Danzig CDs and the song he wanted me to learn, 'Something's Going On' by Frida. It was fun."

Video of Lorenzo recording can be seen below: