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Posted on Thursday, March 07, 2013 at 07:45:40 EST

Nuclear Blast Records will release Abra Kadavar, the second full-length album from Berlin, Germany-based psychedelic hard rock combo KADAVAR, on April 12th. The band are streaming the first single, 'Doomsday Machine', accompanied by exclusive on-the-road and behind-the-scenes video footage.

Regarding the song, the band explains: “It’s both the second track on the album and the second song that was written for it, probably showcasing our trademark sound best. Between changes in tempo, single note riffs and guitar solos, the lyrical concept deals with destruction – inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s movie Dr. Strangelove.”

The photo for the cover artwork was taken by photographer/ex-STEREOLAB drummer Joe Dilworth. Kadavar’s frontman Lupus Lindemann states: “Joe had already worked with us for our debut album. He’s one of the best photographers I know and always understood our ideas which is why we wanted to cooperate with him again. He proudly brought an old camera from the 60’s and a colour film that had been expired for ten years to the shooting – hard to get and highly coveted, because it causes unpredictable deviants as far as colour and contrast are concerned. As one can see: We’ve used this very film!“

Abra Kadavar will be available in a limited edition digi-version including bonus track as well in different vinyl versions. The tracklist follows:
'Come Back Life'
'Doomsday Machine'
'Eye Of The Storm'
'Black Snake'
'Liquid Dream'
'Rhythm For Endless Minds'
'Abra Kadabra'

Bonus track:
'The Man I Shot'

Kadavar lineup:

Lupus Lindemann - vocals/guitar
Mammut - bass
Tiger - drums

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