DAVE GROHL Talks SOUNDGARDEN's 'By Crooked Steps' Video

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Posted on Wednesday, February 20, 2013 at 16:17:43 EST

In the footage below from Fuse, FOO FIGHTERS mainman Dave Grohl explains how he convinced SOUNDGARDEN to ride Segways in their music video for 'By Crooked Steps':

Soundgarden's 'By Crooked Steps' video can be seen below:

BraveWords recently listed the Ten Greatest Soundgarden Riffs Of All Time. Yes indeed, good ol’ swami of sound Kim Thayil has taken his slide rule to metal and calculated some beauties over the years, some of which the outshining old-timer has placed upon the band’s choice new album King Animal.

Ten Greatest Soundgarden Riffs Of All Time

1) ‘Jesus Christ Pose’ (Badmotorfinger, 1991)
This malevolent Thayil riff marries Sabbatherian doom to the dark, tribal post-punk of Killing Joke and Bauhaus. With ‘Jesus Christ Pose’’ issued as an advance single from the album, we have memories of folks being freaked out at how thickly heavy Badmotorfinger was gonna be. And yet, sure, the album killed, but nothing was as lethal as this lead salvo to the temples.

Ten Greatest SOUNDGARDEN Riffs Of All Time

10) ‘By Crooked Steps’ (King Animal, 2012)
9) ‘Room A Thousand Years Wide’ (Badmotorfinger, 1991)
8) ‘Been Away Too Long’ (King Animal, 2012)
7) ‘Limo Wreck’ (Superunknown, 1994)
6) ‘Get On The Snake’ (Louder Than Love, 1989)
5) ‘Rusty Cage’ (Badmotorfinger, 1991)
4) ‘Hands All Over’ (Louder Than Love, 1989)
3) ‘Flower’ (Ultramega OK, 1988)
2) ‘Superunknown’ (Superunknown, 1994)
1) ‘Jesus Christ Pose’ (Badmotorfinger, 1991)