STONE SOUR - Gear Talk With Guitarists Jim Root And Josh Rand In New Fret 12 Video Interview

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Posted on Wednesday, February 20, 2013 at 02:13:08 EST

STONE SOUR guitarists Jim Root and Josh Rand are featured in a new video interview with Fret 12, conducted on January 27th in Chicago, IL at the Congress Theater.

Fret 12: "Get ready to learn how Stone Sour puts on such a great live show, achieves such massive live guitar sound from night to night, the importance of lead-free solder in a Boss NS-2, and why Jim and Josh never pursued their career in television.

Jim will also be giving you a sneak peak at his brand new Fender Jazzmaster, featuring a blistering set of 81/60s from EMG and an awesome compound-radius fretboard which is a feature usually only reserved for custom shop builds.

Josh talks about his move from PRS back to Ibanez, the brand he started out with. He takes you through his guitar boat, with several stunning custom shop Ibanez models named after his daughters, a custom Japanese import, and a home-made riveted aluminum model."

Stone Sour will release House Of Gold & Bones Part 2, the second part of their two album series, House Of Gold & Bones, via Roadrunner Records on April 9th. The album was recorded at Sound Farm Studios just outside of the band's native Des Moines, Iowa with producer David Bottrill (TOOL, MUSE) at the helm.

The first single from House of Gold & Bones Pt. 2, 'Do Me A Favor', was released digitally on February 12th. Fans who pre-order the album on iTunes here will get an instant download of the new single.

A lyric video for the track can be seen below:

House Of Gold And Bones Part 2 tracklisting:

'Red City'
'Black John'
'The Uncanny Valley'
'Blue Smoke'
'Do Me A Favor'
'The Conflagration'
'The House Of Gold & Bones'

Speaking with with Simon Crampton at ThisIsNotAScene, Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor (SLIPKNOT) stated: "Part 2 is much darker, if I’m honest. Aside from it being a completely different album, it feels more like a soundtrack to a movie in a lot of ways man. It’s really thematic, there are themes from part 1 that reveal themselves and that come again musically, there’s actually stuff from Part 2 that you’ll hear that’s on part 1 and you’ll be like 'Fucking hell!' We essentially recorded these, and this is where technology is now, that so you could have these in a playlist on your iTunes and play them top to fucking bottom and really get that experience while you read both parts.

So it’s some of our darkest music, our most intricate and complex music, some of the best fucking lyrics I’ve ever written to be honest, even writing from a narrative like that, it was so challenging. Plus, it’s got some of our best songs on it. You guys think Part 1's good, fuck off, ‘Do Me A Favour’ alone is going to kick the shit out of people and that’s going to be the first single which comes out in January, that’s going to be the first taste that people get of Part 2, and people aren’t going to know what to do."

On February 12th, Stone Sour performed their new single 'Do Me A Favor' live for the first time ever in Tucson, AZ at the Rialto Theatre. Check out fan filmed video below: