BATTLE BEAST - New Album Pushed Back Until June

Hot Flashes

Posted on Tuesday, February 19, 2013 at 01:55:56 EST

Finland's BATTLE BEAST have checked in with the following update:

"Some slightly disappointing news, friends. Due to business-related reasons, the release of the upcoming album was pushed further until June. It's a long wait, but we promise you it'll all be worthwhile in the end! Believe us, it's gonna kill! To help you cope with this setback, we'll try to put out some cool new stuff in the nearby weeks. We have some seriously disturbing video material from the past 12 months some of you crazy people might actually enjoy watching. So stick around, folks, and take care!"

In September 2012, Battle Beast announced that lead singer Nitte Vänskä had called it quits and was replaced by current vocalist Noora Louhimo. The band issued the following statement on Louhimo joining the ranks:

"This young singer is already experienced in performing some of the most demanding rock songs in existence and is now ready to take her big step into the metal world. With lungs of leather and a voice to order gods with, Noora possesses all the requirements to deliver the kind of power needed for performing Battle Beast’s music. Don’t believe us? Hear her ripping through ‘Iron Hand’ in the video we’ve uploaded to YouTube! See what you think after that. Noora will also be performing all the lead vocals on Battle Beast’s second album set to be released early 2013! With Noora in the band, Battle Beast is ready to take itself and its music to the next level. The whole band is now burning with newly found energy and motivation and hell bent on conquering the entire metal consuming planet.”

Check out Noora’s vocal skills below: