THE ALCOHOLLYS Featuring Past/Present KITTIE Members Release New EP Today

Hot Flashes

Posted on Tuesday, February 12, 2013 at 01:43:08 EST

THE ALCOHOLLYS, featuring KITTIE drummer Mercedes Lander and former Kittie bassist Tanya Candler, officially release The Flashback EP today (February 12th). Tracks featured on the album are 'Flashback To '93' and '27 Death Riot / Demolition In Speed City'; it can be purchased via Amazon using the widget at the bottom of the page. Check out '27 Death Riot' below:

The Alcohollys have posted a short studio documentary of the sessions for The Flashback EP. It was recorded at Beachroad Studios in Goderich, Ontario with Siegfried Meier. Check it out below.

The Alcohollys are:
Kimber Heart - vocals, keys
Scarlet Fever - bass, vocals
Ruby Pubey - drums, vocals
Maiden China - guitar