ROYAL HUNT Founder André Andersen - "As Long As You’re Passionate About What You Do, You’ll Find The Way To Continue Regardless Of Any Obstacles"

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Posted on Monday, February 11, 2013 at 02:13:56 EST

ROYAL HUNT keyboardist/founder André Andersen is featured in a new interview with Jeb Wright at Classic Rock Revisited. An excerpt is available below:

Jeb: I am impressed with the 20th anniversary release. Describe how it came to be and then how it came to be so much more!

André: "It started with everybody telling me about RH’s 20th Anniversary coming up–I never really thought about it before–but all of the sudden, everybody: the band, record labels, fans and journalists started asking the same question: 'The 20th anniversary is coming up, will you do something special?' I thought a box set of some kind would be a proper way to mark the date, so the first two CDs were relatively easy to complete: 25 of everybody’s favorite songs from each and every album we’ve released, from day, one until today, all of which got slightly re-mastered."

"A third CD contains one new song, especially written/recorded for this release last summer, unplugged versions of three other “party favorites” and a bunch of bonus tracks, which were used previously for some special EPs, or as bonus tracks for different territories. And to complete it all, a DVD with all of our promo videos, as well as some live performances and interviews."

Jeb: Royal Hunt has survived for many years; you have such a dedication to your craft. Looking back, what were the struggles you had to overcome to become who you are today?

André: "Periodical line-up changes, incompetent business partners, such as record labels and promoters, an occasional musical trend change and lately, the Internet with its global piracy. But life goes on and we’ve managed to adapt somehow. As long as you’re passionate about what you do, you’ll find the way to continue, regardless of any obstacles."

Jeb: Does it bother you that the USA has, so far, not been introduced properly to the band?

André: "I won’t say it directly bothers me, but I’m quite a bit surprised by it, after all, one of my all time favorite bands is American: KANSAS. I’ve heard some remarks about us being 'too European sounding' but I’m not sure if that’s a fact. Who knows, maybe one day it will change, but until then, we’ll keep working on it."

Click here for the complete interview.

Royal Hunt put together a video teaser for the release of the 20th Anniversary Special Edition of their debut album, which was issued in November in Europe and Japan and on January 22nd in North America:

This very special best of package includes three CDs and one DVD, featuring the best Royal Hunt songs from all 11 albums, a brand new song plus three newly recorded acoustic versions of three additional songs and a DVD including all the promotional videoclips shot by the band during their long ride.

Royal Hunt - 20th Anniversary Special Edition includes the following tracklisting:

CD 1:
'Kingdom Dark'
'Clown In The Mirror'
'Wasted Time'
'Far Away'
'River Of Pain'
'Tearing Down The World'
'Message To God'

CD 2:
'Cold City Lights'
'Follow Me'
'The Mission'
'Can't Let Go'
'Paper Blood'
'Season's Change'
'The First Rock'
'Tears Of The Sun'
'The Well'
'Hard Rain´s Coming'
'Half Past Loneliness'

CD 3:
'Save Me' (new song)
'One By One' (unplugged)
'Bodyguard' (unplugged)
'Restless' (unplugged)
'Bad Luck'
'Double Conversion'
'Sixth Sense'
'Day Is Dawning'

'Land Of Broken Hearts'
'Day In Day Out'
'Clown In The Mirror'
'Far Away'
'Last Goodbye'
'Stay Down'
'River Of Pain'
'Tearing Down The World'
'Martial Arts'
'Third Stage'
'Wasted Time'
'Message To God'