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Former SEVEN DAY SONNET Drummer Dan Kashuck Now Free Agent Looking For New Touring/Recording Project

Hot Flashes

Posted on Friday, February 08, 2013 at 15:52:43 EST

Due to the recent break-up of Chicago, IL area rock group SEVEN DAY SONNET, drummer Dan Kashuck is currently looking for a new touring/recording project to sink his teeth into (open to any genre and any location). Kashuck, who has also performed as a member of EMETIC and 7TH VIAL, is a hard-working, determined musician currently endorsed by Pearl Drums, Pro-Mark sticks and Evans Drum Heads.

Dan Kashuck has toured with Seven Day Sonnet throughout the United States on full tours supporting bands like SEVENDUST, SICK PUPPIES, ADELITAS WAY, SALIVA, REV THEORY, NONPOINT and more. Kashuck is 100% proficient playing with click track live and in-studio, has a full setup rig for live backing tracks and is also proficient with programming in Abelton Live. He can also sing and do back-up vocals while drumming.

Dan Kashuck has several solo drumming videos portraying different styles available online for viewing now (all performed on his Roland V-kit at home studio). He also has live drum-cam videos online for viewing as well. See below:

Dan Kashuck has several personal references available upon request. You can contact Dan Kashuck about drumming opportunities at