SADGIQACEA - New Album Due In May; First Details Revealed

Hot Flashes

Posted on Wednesday, February 06, 2013 at 07:56:26 EST

Candlelight Records has confirmed May 6th as the European release date for False Prism, the full-length début from SADGIQACEA (pronounced sad-juh-kay-sha). Produced by Chris Grigg (WOE), the album’s four mammoth songs will pummel listeners for close to 40-minutes. The album follows their 2011 EP, Submerged in Manichea (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions) and two regarded split recordings with OMINOUS BLACK and GRASS (Anthropic).

Heavy Planet says, “While destroying everything in their path, Philadelphia-based SADGIQACEA creates an inspiring assault of devastation. Crushing riffs and ambient beauty swirl as the vocals bark… epic and full-on sludge.”

Fueled by the duo of Evan Schaefer (vocals/guitar) and Fred Grabosky (vocals/drums), the band has already proven themselves road savvy. Plans are already in order to return to the road for the album’s springtime release. “We are honoured to be working with Candlelight Records and ready to spread our music to masses with their support,” says the band. “We are currently planning our second full American tour with our Philadelphia brothers Hivelords for summer 2013.”

Recorded early September 2012 at Gradwell House in Haddon Heights, New Jersey, False Prism features sparring use of overdubs; the band wishing to preserve the authentic recording quality of the live performance. Writing and performing as a duo, the unique band is committed to their craft. Discussing the album SADGIQACEA says, “the album has themes of inner struggle, spirituality, and our own reflections on the dualistic nature of the evil that we all see and experience in our lives.

Tracklisting for False Prism is:
'False Segments'
'False Cross'
'False Prism'
'True Darkness'