EXES FOR EYES' Dave Sheldon Issues Video Overview Of Rare & Peerless Guitar's RANDY RHOADS Polkadot Flying V

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Posted on Wednesday, February 06, 2013 at 02:48:56 EST

EXES FOR EYES guitarist/ex-ANNIHILATOR bassist Dave Sheldon - who appears on the Live At Masters Of Rock DVD - has issued an overview of Rare & Peerless Guitar's RANDY RHOADS Polkadot Flying V

For information on the company go to

As previously reported, Elegy Guitarworks is a new Toronto-based guitar company launched by Dave Sheldon and SOILWORK frontman Björn "Speed" Strid, specializing in 6, 7 and 8 string guitars and 4,5, 6 and 7 string basses.

"Conceived the day the world as we knew it was supposed to end, Elegy Guitarworks was founded December 21, 2012. Born in the light of a new friendship, Elegy Guitarworks focuses on bringing professional quality instruments to the cost-conscious player. The Mayans were wrong...and this is their Elegy."

BW&BK's Carl Begai spoke briefly with Sheldon about the new venture:

Sheldon: "We should have everything sorted out for the guitars late spring early summer. We're doing small batches of prototypes with several different builders, going to pick our favourite ones, then put them into production. Ideally, get some Canadian distribution and sell 100 - 200 units annually."

Stay tuned for more updates. Go to the Elegy Guitarworks official Facebook page here.