ONE MACHINE - Guitarist Steve Smyth Reveals Details Of New Project; Teaser Posted

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Posted on Thursday, January 31, 2013 at 12:10:09 EST

ONE MACHINE - the brainchild of critically acclaimed guitarist/songwriter Steve Smyth (FORBIDDEN, NEVERMORE, DRAGONLORD, VICIOUS RUMORS) - is an international metal band with classic and modern influences, featuring members carefully selected by Smyth: Mikkel Sandager (MERCENARY) on vocals, Jamie Hunt (BIOMECHANICAL) sharing guitar duties, rounded out by a powerhouse rhythm section with Tomas “O’Beast” Koefoed (MNEMIC) on bass guitar and Raphael Saini (CHAOSWAVE) on drums.

Smyth had often given thought to leading his own band throughout his distinguished career, and had written a number of songs, but the challenge of finding the right members to bring them to life remained. He found a more than capable shredding second guitarist in Jamie Hunt, and the two began collaborating on the material Smyth had.

“Jamie’s playing complements mine extremely well, and we hit it off perfectly when we got together to work on the songs”,says Smyth.

A vocalist was found in the form of original Mercenary singer Mikkel Sandager. He fit the kind of singer Smyth was looking for, with his versatile ability to sing in different ways, and his readiness to be pushed into new musical territories.

“When our former bands toured together, I got to witness night after night, exactly what Mikkel could do; deliver a solid performance with an incredible range, as well as multiple characters in his voice. He’s perfect for this band!”

Smyth, Hunt, and Sandager then set about refining and shaping Smyth’s original material. Drummer Raphael Saini, formerly of Italian progressive metallers Chaoswave, whose band Smyth had previously provided guest solos for, was next to join.

To quote Smyth, “Raph surprised me with his ability in delivering these tracks. He totally killed it!”

In 2012, bassist Tomas “O’Beast” Koefoed, formerly of Mnemic, came on board, adding his distinctive sound to the tracks.

“Tomas is without a doubt one of the most solid bassists I’ve encountered in some time! He literally added an entirely new dimension to these songs that would not have been possible to be achieved without him.”

With the lineup complete, a debut album was recorded, which will be mixed shortly. The band has already been offered European festival dates, and expects to make their live debut during summer 2013.

Check out the One Machine teaser below for a taste of what to expect:

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