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AUDREY HORNE Release 'Redemption Blues' Video

Hot Flashes

Posted on Friday, January 25, 2013 at 16:24:01 EST

Norway-based AUDREY HORNE's new video, for the Youngblood album track 'Redemption Blues', can be seen below:

Napalm Records will release Youngblood on the following dates:

Norway: January 25th
Sweden / Finland / Spain: January 30th
Germany / Austria / Switzerland / Benelux: February 1st
Rest Of Europe: February 4th
North America: February 5th

Youngblood tracklisting:

'Redemption Blues'
'Straight Into Your Grave'
'There Goes A Lady'
'Show and Tell'
'Cards with the Devil'
'Pretty Little Sunshine'
'The Open Sea'
'This Ends Here'
'The King is Dead'
'I Wanna Know You' (Limited-Edition Bonus Track)
'The Open Sea' - Demo (Limited-Edition Bonus Track)

A preview of the band's fourth studio album, Youngblood, can be viewed below:

Napalm Records commented recently: "With their first three albums, praised by fans and critics alike, Audrey Horne positioned themselves in the premier league of rock! Furthermore, the band has shown that honest and hand-made music is still more than popular. Their fourth album, Youngblood follows this tradition and presents the Norwegian hard rock quartet full of fresh energy and a truthful love of playing. Songs like 'Redemption Blues', 'Straight Into Your Grave', or 'There Goes a Lady' not only live up to the numerous Audrey Horne classics, but turn into irresistible tunes with catchy refrains right from the start and will stay with you for a long time. The great production provides the finishing touches and presents the listener with a warm sound that differs tremendously from the soulless plastic productions of this day and age. Youngblood is an excellent and sweeping hard rock album full of soul, and without a doubt the highlight in the discography of Audrey Horne!"

More on Audrey Horne, including the band's live itinerary, at this location.