TYPE O NEGATIVE - Levi's Spark Radio Performance From 2000 Streaming

Hot Flashes

Posted on Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at 16:03:37 EST

Roadrunner Records reports:

"Back in 2000, a TYPE O NEGATIVE show in Boston was recorded for the syndicated show, Levi's Spark Radio; the broadcast as aired was actually a split between Type O and STATIC-X. Well, we've unearthed that broadcast and put Type O's half of the show on our Soundcloud page, and you can also stream it (below)!

The band is heard for about 20 minutes, which means they only have time for a few songs - 'Everyone I Love Is Dead', from their then-new album World Coming Down, 'Love You To Death' from October Rust, and their hit 'Black No. 1', from Bloody Kisses (which celebrates its 20th Anniversary this year). Enjoy!"