WITH ONE LAST BREATH Reveal New EP Details; Lyric Video Posted

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Posted on Friday, January 04, 2013 at 10:31:39 EST

York, England-based metallers WITH ONE LAST BREATH have announced the release of a new EP. Wake The Dead will be released via Small Town Records on February 25th, and is something of a reworking of familiar songs.

The band explains: “We've been working really hard all of 2012, getting the tours that we wanted and making sure that we get ourselves in the right position and playing to the right people. We finished the full length album but whilst all this was happening we had to make a few changes. We realised that we were going out on tour and playing songs that people had never had the chance to hear, not even on-line. We had the original EP on-line and that was the only available product yet because of the progression in sound and style that the band had gone through, we didn't want to play the old stuff live. Because we want to tour as much as possible next year, and because we owe it to all of our fans we decided to come up with a compromise. We make the EP a little more suited to us, then we can play it live! We want to get it out before the full length album because this new EP is going to get people to grips with the new With One Last Breath before we reveal the full length album. It's going to hit hard so we want people to be prepared!”

Wake The Dead EP tracklisting is as follows:

'Down The Darkest Road'
'I’m Taking Over'
'Burn Out The Flame'
'I Taste The Poison'
'Wake The Dead'
'Until The End'

A lyric video for 'I’m Taking Over' is available below:

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