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HATE MEDITATION - NACHTMYSTIUM Frontman Debuts Music From "Bestial Black/Death" Project

Life in Black

Posted on Friday, December 28, 2012 at 21:38:41 EST

HATE MEDITATION was founded by Blake Judd (NACHTMYSTIUM/TWILIGHT) in 2003 as a side project who's original intention was to serve as an homage to bestial black / death metal bands such as BEHERIT, VON, PROFANATICA AND BLASPHEMY. The band, also featuring members of LEVIATHAN, DARK FORTRESS and VITANDUS, recorded a three-track demo that was spread in very small quantities entitled Condemned to Death, and the band has since been dormant. In 2012, Judd reformed the band with all new members and began writing/recording the self-titled debut full-length album in October, 2012. This album will be released via Norwegian label Indie Recordings in early 2013. The band's sound has changed dramatically from the original intentions and has taken a shape of it's own, drawing influences from many different types of music but keeping the raw black metal form at it's core.

Says the band: "Here's an unfinished board mix of the opening track from the upcoming debut Hate Meditation full-length album. There are no vocals yet and this is simply a board mix, but we just wanted to give you fans a little taste of whats to come from this band! More news soon on the completion of the record!"

More information about Hate Meditation can be found on Facebook.