MESMERIZE - Paintropy Tracklisting Revealed

Hot Flashes

Posted on Wednesday, December 26, 2012 at 18:55:57 EST

Italy's MESMERIZE has revealed the tracklisting to their fifth album, Paintropy, will include 11 original tracks, plus a cover version of the CRANBERRIES classic Promises, revisited in a power/thrash metal style.

Paintropy tracklisting:
'It Happened Tomorrow'
'A Desperate Way Out'
'Monkey In Sunday Best'
'Midnight Oil / Within Without'
'One Door Away'
'Shadows At The Edge Of Perception'
'Mrs. Judas'
'You Know I Know'
'Promises' (The Cranberries cover)

"Paintropy is a word that combines the concepts of Pain and Entropy" - says guitarist Piero Paravidino, "and it refers to a chaotic and painful state of mind, coming from the aggregation of negative events or emotions. In turn, this state can cause a reaction of total inertia or the exact
opposite, unleashing a downright furious transformation. These concepts will be depicted both in the songs and in the graphics of the album."

Paintropy is scheduled for a spring 2013 release via Punishment 18 Records, marking the 25th anniversary of Mesmerize.