Barge To Hell… Ain’t A Bad Place To Be! Day 3

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Posted on Sunday, December 16, 2012 at 10:14:04 EST

The inaugural Barge To Hell - "The World's Most Extreme Metal Cruise" from the creators of 70000 Tons Of Metal - travelled from Miami, FL to Nassau, Bahamas and then back to Miami, FL from December 3rd to 7th and BraveWords took part in the journey! Check out "Metal" Tim Henderson's Day 3 report below. Day 2 can be read at this this location.

Day 3: Wednesday, December 4th: Nassau, Bahamas

Normally when you awake on destination day you are at port, so our destination Nassau greeted us immediately. Following a quick bite, it was time to wander the streets in the glowing sunshine of the capital of the Commonwealth Of The Bahamas. With a population of nearly one-quarter million, Nassau is a city bursting with activity, although today was a sombre moment as they were preparing for a state funeral in honour of Thomas Augustus “Tom” Robinson, the country’s first Olympic Gold Medalist who died at 74 on November 25th. So many streets were blocked and bleachers had been set up for a parade. The islands’ national stadium is named after Robinson. The people are friendly and vibrant, totally fluent in English, with steering wheels on the English side (right) of the vehicle! Downtown Nassau is typical of many Caribbean destinations in terms of shopping and markets, so I hopped online at a cyber-cafe to touch base with the BraveWords team/loved ones and also Trip Advisor to find a top eatery.

I head to the aptly-named Paradise Island, an island dominated by resorts and stellar beaches. An unnerving 80-foot tall bridge was the only way to the island, but I overcame my height “issues” and conquered the kilometre-plus walk. Although I would appease my sun-cravings and appetite (delectable coconut shrimp and conch po’ boy; a submarine sandwich) and a few Kalik (Bahamas’ local brew, cold as ice!), it was time to reflect and revel in the moment without metal. I would find out that only minutes away, a few bands (Sodom and ROTTING CHRIST) had found the gorgeous beaches for piña coladas and photo shoots! It was time to take a water-taxi back to the downtown core and while waiting, the members of Mayhem (including singer Attila Csihar with smouldering pipe) donned their upside-down crosses and were beach-bound to frighten the tourists! I would meet up with members of Sodom later (photo below) for more brews at the local Hard Rock Cafe.

After a bit of shopping, which included buying water (keep in mind these commodities are available for a price!), it was time for boarding, which is quick and painless unless you are trying to smuggle booze onto the ship! Departure time was strictly 5:30; trust me, you don’t want to be left behind, as the expense to catch up with the ship AND all of your belongings is akin to a small fortune. There were three other massive floating hotels at the port, so the Nassau parking lot was full. With a cocktail in hand for the sunset, the bands gear up for their return-home sets with Napalm Death, Moonspell and Sanctuary leading the way on the Pool Deck stage.

Warrel Dane was easily the top-notch singer on board, his voice sending shockwaves throughout the ship and into the star-filled Caribbean skies, with the obligatory JEFFERSON AIRPLANE cover of ‘White Rabbit’. Warrel stated, “Wouldn’t it be great to be from the ‘60s, on drugs and fucking every day?!” And then it was the grand finale of ‘Taste Revenge’ and the brilliant ‘Long Since Dark’. Indoors, Paradise Lost shared with us their gothic charm, At The Gates had necks bobbing and the misty, murderous opera of Mayhem grabbed fans by the throat.

Photo credit: Håkon Grav

Photo credit: Håkon Grav

Photo credit: Håkon Grav

Photo credit: Charlene Tupper

Photo credit: Charlene Tupper

Barge To Hell Day 4 coming up!

And don't forget The World's Biggest Heavy Metal Cruise which will sail Monday, January 28th aboard the Royal Caribbean Majesty Of The Seas from Miami, FL to Cockburn Town on Grand Turk Island, and will not return to the real world for four days until Friday, February 1st. Check out for more information.