MASTIC SCUM - New Songs Acheive "A Higher Technical Level"

Hot Flashes

Posted on Friday, December 07, 2012 at 21:38:19 EST

Austria's MASTIC SCUM are currently working on their new album, which they plan to release in spring 2013 via Massacre Records. Three years after their last album, Dust, Mastic Scum are back with a heavy load of new riffs and structures.

The band stated: "The new songs are shaping up in a new brutal style and also on a higher technical level. With this release we went back to our roots and also made a step forward to new structures and rhythms. Be prepared!"

As previously reported, Mastic Scum has covered PANTERA's 'Reprise - Sandblasted Skin' for their upcoming fifth album. Check it out below: